GDPro Junior


3rd edition of GD Pro Junior draws to a thrilling close

After the amusing success of GDPro Junior in its maiden seasons, the 3rd edition  expanded its canvas of optimism by adding new territories and schools. The one-of-its-kind revolution witnessed the expressions of enthusiasm from 150 + leading educational institutions and 20000+ beneficiaries. The saga began on […]

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​GDPro Junior, communicate to win; where ‘Learning is to lead’

It is rightly said that “Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning”. GDPro Junior became the contributor towards the dreams of perky and high spirited young leaders at the heats and quarterfinals of its 3rd […]

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Empowering passions @ GD Pro Junior, Hyderabad

With extraordinary exuberance and verve, GDPro Junior, communicate to win – an absolute group discussion event with active concurrence of students from top line educational institutions witnessed success yet again at Hyderabad, India. The qualifying rounds and the city finale of the 3rd edition of GD PRO Junior took […]

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Exploring new dimensions @ GDPro Junior, Noida Region

Conceptualized to ignite the minds of our young human capital towards a more diplomatic and conciliatory world, GDPro Junior powered by Manav Rachna Educational Institutions seeks to make every contestant a transformational leader! The passion and enthusiasm to change the landscape from a present of scarcity, to a […]

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