GDPro Junior

Watch out for Mistakes

  • Maintain a meaningful eye contact with all the participants
  • Maintain a smiling and pleasant disposition
  • Avoid looking at the floor or ceiling as it communicates disinterest
  • Don’t sprawl or slouch in your chair
  • Don’t crack the knuckle bones nor chew your nails
  • Don’t blink your eyes while listening to others
  • Don’t your eyebrows while others speak
  • Avoid showing a disapproving expression
  • Don’t ignore any of the group members
  • Avoid raising your fingers
  • Make your speaking style lively and interesting
  • Don’t place your hand on back of your chair
  • Avoid sitting with a steeple posture
  • Avoid overt gestures
  • Don’t speak in a monotone
  • Reveal your enthusiasm and interest
  • Bring variations in your pitch patterns
  • Do not confront even if you have a different point of view