GDPro Junior

A Step Forward

It has been observed that often candidate are in hurry to open up group discussion. It happens so as they think that the one who succeeds in opening the discussion surely gets selected. It is a mere misconception. The fact is, you should think of opening the discussion when you have enough points to throw in

Tips for Good Opening

  • Open the GD only if you are sure about the sensibility of the content
  • Maintain Eye contact with other participants
  • Open the GD with greetings
  • Do not sound arrogant and proud to others
  • Be humble, polite and firm
  • Be the torch bearer of GD
  • Respect the other participants and acknowledge their presence

Great is the art of beginning but greater is the art of ending. Being a participant you should see that a GD does not end abruptly. One of the hallmarks of a good discussion is smooth ending and one must be able to envision the key points.

Tips for Good Closing

  • Keep jotting down the points being discussed
  • You can try to reach some kind of consensus
  • For certain topics or issues, reaching at consensus may not be possible. However if you keep attempting towards striking a cord of unanimity, it unmistakably reveals that you are capable at or inclined to working as a team player
  • Do not volunteer to conclude the GD
  • If chosen to summarize the GD ensure that you include everybody’s points
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