GDPro Junior

Types of GD’s

GD on a topic

GD on a topic is conducted mostly for admissions for higher studies and technical blocks. Such GDs are somewhat quizzical to handle as you need to decide upon which aspects are to be discussed within the stipulated time frame.

Tips for approaching a GD

  • Greet all the participants by saying “Good Morning Everybody”
  • State the topic
  • Pick up the keywords and discrete/define/interpret them
  •  State the related issues or concepts involved
  • See to it that enough light is thrown on the topic
  • Do not confront
  • Make notes
  • When speaking or explaining something, ask the listeners if they are following you
  • Try to put yourself in other person’s shoes
  • Ask yourself do I complicate the information with too much detail?
  • Maintain right kind of articulation, accent, pitch and inflection

GD on a case study

Wherever analytical and decision making abilities are required to be examined, Case studies are given for discussion.

Guidelines for GD on case study

  • Read the case carefully
  • If you open up the GD, State the case briefly and talk about issues involved.
  • Interrupt the situation for different view points
  • Workout alternative solutions for the problems, it can be done by brainstorming.
  • Arrive at a solution which can help both men and organization.
  • You should ponder over the implementation plan
  • Remember and also highlight the fact that there cannot be a perfect solution.