GDPro Junior

Tips to Ace GD Skills

It’s a Discussion, not a Debate

GD – the term itself says it’s a “Discussion” amongst a group of people. Do not make it a heated Debate. No matter how terribly you hate the participant do not start fighting with him/her. Be assertive and not aggressive.

Sit Comfortably and Gather Your Thoughts

once the topic is announced, some time is given before the discussion starts. Gather your thoughts, pen down your points in bullets and compose yourself

Take your Opportunity to Speak

you need to know how to take your opportunity to speak. Whenever the person speaking pauses somewhere take a second to think, and put forward your opinion, but be polite

Speak With Purpose

You don’t have to talk constantly to get noticed – but when you do make sure what you’re saying is unique and contributes to the discussion

Quality v/s Quantity

Raise the quality of your content not the quantity. Speak sensibly - include quality content supported by relevant facts, figures and  examples

Critical Listening

Listen and analyse what others are speaking, respect  their opinion  this will facilitate a productive and coherent discussion and you will get involved in the group positively


Exhibit calm and composed body language. Do not point out fingers at others or make aggressive hand movements. Every move and gesture should radiate confidence.

The Winning Mantra

It’s not just your communication skills but tactful communication with poise, intellect and camaraderie which differentiates between the winner and a fighter in a GD.