GDPro Junior

GD: Here's why it's a vital skill to have and own

Group discussions are an integral part of everyone’s life. We need this skill to be effective in classrooms, in meetings and even in building interpersonal relationships. Some people give the name of talking, some say gossiping and some say intellectual discussions. The third aspect which we named as “intellectual discussion” is what constitutes the real meaning of how a person expresses his/her views and take a stand by defending it. By indulging in a Group Discussion, a person understands how the others perceive and react towards a particular issue. Every person has the fundamental right to discuss and criticize whatever he/she feels good about and whatever is imperative in his own terms.

There used to be a time when the “enlightened minds” used to go especially to the coffee clubs to discuss various significant and vital issues pertaining to the politics and social life during those times. In contrast, due to the paucity of time in today’s world, people are more involved in the virtual world, hence the discussions have become null.

Guess what? We do have a solution to this problem! We have a new venture called GD Pro-“Communicate to win”! As the tag line suggests, “you have to the talking”. Open your mouth and see how it unfolds. Here you go :

GD PRO JUNIOR 2018, ‘A COSMIC REVOLUTION’ powered by Manav Rachna Educational Institutions is back with its 3rd edition and  leaps forward with greater eminence and grandeur in association with leading names from the global world. The phenomenal journey was a vision which was conceptualized to offer further opportunities to bright scholars for individual development. With an aim of expanding this humanitarian event for the third time in a row and extending its reach to metropolitan and cosmopolitan boundaries, we have spread our wings to both national and international territories.

Come forward, climb a step closer to the ladder of success and finally taste success! Being the youth of this country, you have to take this leap forward! In this 365/24/7 dialogue of life, one’s ability at engaging and influencing a mass of people can go a long way in determining his or her future. 

GDPro Get! Set! Go!