GDPro Junior


3rd edition of GD Pro Junior draws to a thrilling close

After the amusing success of GDPro Junior in its maiden seasons, the 3rd edition  expanded its canvas of optimism by adding new territories and schools. The one-of-its-kind revolution witnessed the expressions of enthusiasm from 150 + leading educational institutions and 20000+ beneficiaries. The saga began on […]

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Journey GD PRO Ideas Opinions Learnings For Life

I am Apoorva Patnaik, a student of  Manav Rachna International School ,sector 46 Gurgaon and I have been  a participant of GD Pro in 2016. We were informed about this competition about a month before the preliminary levels. Light was shed on the importance of participating in group […]

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GD Pro

Think. Deliberate. Conclude @ GDPro Junior

We all realise just how important the skillset of communication and mutual understanding is, in today’s world. The great influence of words can be clearly understood by looking at some notable examples like Mahatma Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, recently, Narendra Modi and infamously, Adolf Hitler. Knowledge paired […]

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The 3rd edition of GDPro Junior is back!

 And we are all excited about it.

GD-Pro, a platform of group discussion for school students, is one of the most brilliant opportunities provided by Manav Rachna Educational Institutions. It is an opportunity wherein not only can students present their own point of views, but […]

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