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I am Apoorva Patnaik, a student of  Manav Rachna International School ,sector 46 Gurgaon and I have been  a participant of GD Pro in 2016. We were informed about this competition about a month before the preliminary levels. Light was shed on the importance of participating in group discussions. Group discussions are not only an essential criteria in almost all the interview processes but they also improve one’s ability to think critically and help in problem solving. Immediately after this workshop was conducted, a lot of my classmates and I registered for it. In a few weeks or so, the day of the prelims finally arrived. We began our journey from our school to Kunskapsskolan, another school in Gurgaon . Once we reached the venue, we were sorted in groups of 10; consisting of students from over 4 schools. Next, we were asked to wait for our turn. In some time, it was my turn to go to my respective room for the group discussion. Once I comfortably sat down where I was supposed to, feeling quite nervous, I was greeted by all the other participants and we bonded in no time. After being given the topic, we were given notepads and pens with which we jotted down our thoughts. Once the discussion began, it was very interesting to see the flow of ideas and opinions from each of the participant. About 5 of us were selected for the next level which happened on the same day. Unfortunately, my journey with GD Pro was only till the second level. However, the amount of fun I had (and the refreshments) surely made up for it.

I would conclude by saying that the journey of GD Pro is full of ups and downs but no participant goes empty handed from here.  It’s truly an invoking, inspiring and informative experience and I would surely recommend all the students that this is not an opportunity to be missed!!!