GDPro Junior

The 3rd edition of GDPro Junior is back!

 And we are all excited about it.

GD-Pro, a platform of group discussion for school students, is one of the most brilliant opportunities provided by Manav Rachna Educational Institutions. It is an opportunity wherein not only can students present their own point of views, but also learn from others.

My experience as a participant in GD-Pro was absolutely wonderful. I took part in it for two years and it gave me moments which were memorable and helpful. Discussing on simple but vast topics like technology, humanity, education etc, the rounds of the competition were challenging yet fun. The participants’ vocabulary and view points helped me learn about new ventures and develop my personality. According to me, this opportunity focuses on imbibing the value of being confident which is a major part of the students’ life, helping him/her in future.

A student can definitely excel by respecting others and expressing views in a right way. Doing it with energy and zeal can lead to guaranteed success and excellent experiences in communication which is important for future managements.

I would like to end by saying that let’s keep the strengths high and participate with a tough fight to get the most coveted title! If you like public speaking, well, the world literally is out there to be conquered at GDPro Junior !!