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We all realise just how important the skillset of communication and mutual understanding is, in today’s world. The great influence of words can be clearly understood by looking at some notable examples like Mahatma Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, recently, Narendra Modi and infamously, Adolf Hitler. Knowledge paired with great communicator abilities can work wonders in delivering our message to the masses and helping us influence groups of people. In today’s world, a leader is not one who knows what to say but the one who knows how to say too. This makes us understand how important it is for us to nurture our ability to converse effectively and an interactive session which helps us do so is a Group Discussion. 

Discussing the views of the whole group upon a carefully-chosen topic in order to reach a responsible and fruitful conclusion is something that we do a lot of times, in school, home or any other place, and this is exactly what a Group Discussion offers us to do and also provides us with an opportunity to add finesse to our ability to do so. Group Discussions are gradually becoming a vital screening method used my major organisations in order to select the best employee, student, partner and in the foresight, a Leader. And one pioneer is the field of GDs is GD Pro. 

Experiencing GD Pro as a participant is a great opportunity to learn about the Orator, the Listener and the responsible individual in you. It helps you to realise the importance of sensible communication and mutual understanding in our daily lives. Students pan North India have been enthusiastically participating in the esteemed competition since its inception keeping in mind that it’s a competition but never forgetting the spirit of a GD. Participating in GD Pro has always been a great challenge and an experience worthwhile. 

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